Bhavendranath was an unusual child.He preferred the company of saints to toys.He was always immersed in the thoughts of God. At the age of nine, he ran away from his home to the jungles and lived with an old saint.While his mentor sat in the waters of the river and practised austerities, Bhavendranath sat under the trees and practised mantra and meditation. He attained the abilities to heal, to see the past and future and other siddhis. The sages in the forest noticed the sparkling divinity in the child and showered him with their love and adoration. At this early age he was given his spiritual name Swami Omdasji Maharaj.


At the age of thirteen Omdasji was given the title of SidhapitaAadeshwar (the most powerful saint of India) and a few years later the position of Jagad Guru (Guru of the World) by the saint community of India. At the age of 14 he was adopted by Swami Jamunadasji and on January 26, 1995 inherited from him, the responsibilities and upkeep of the Ancient Hanuman Temple in Santacruz, Mumbai.As a youth, Omdasji traveled all over India and visited many countries.In the course of these travels, he used his powers and siddhis to help the sick and the helpless all over the world.

Though Omdasji had already realized and achieved much at a young age, he knew that his journey was not complete. People equated his siddhis with self realisation and he knew it was not so. He knew he had to plunge into himself through yoga and spiritual practices and achieve the Ultimate. He was aware that his life mission was not to just give relief to the suffering masses but also help them achieve the ultimate goal of life - self realisation.

Omdasji's yearning and search for the Sadguru who would guide him to the heights of yoga and spiritual growth grew and intensified.